The Harlem Renaissance

Kelly Short

Harlem Renaissance Research

  • Was the African- American cultural revolution centered in Harlem.
  • began after world war 1
  • climaxed in he mid to late 1920s and diminished in the mid 1930s
  • involved art, music, dance, theater, and literature.
  • fostered black pride and uplifting of the race through the use of intellect
  • African-Americans using artistic talents and challenged racial stereotypes and helped promote racial integration
  • First called the new Negro Movement or the New Negro Renaissance
  • culmination of multiple factors, including the Great Migration.
  • hundreds of thousands of African-Americans left the rural south for cities in search for better jobs and a more tolerant environment
  • W.E.B. Dubois editor of the magazine, The Crisis and founded the NAACP
  • Langston Hughes was the most prolific writer of the Harlem Renaissance
  • Jazz shaped America and the entire world during the Harlem Renaissance
  • Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday were popular musicians during the Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance Poem

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Po' Boy Blue By Langston Hughes by iJustAaaaaron


When my dreams are deferred I feel under accomplished because I know that I can reach my dreams however unreachable. I don't have many dreams but the ones I do have are big so if and when one is deferred I feel defeated, and I am glad that I work hard so that my dreams are rarely deferred unless it is something that I can not handle. Dreams are important to everyone and when one doesn't pan out the way its supposed to it hurts but when one does happen the way we planned it makes all the ones that failed okay.

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