Big News In Cellutobia!

Words from the Lysosome

Exclusive Interview with the One and Only Lysosome and Why She Thinks She is So Important

"I am important! I might not be as common in plants as I am in animals, but the rest of them need me."

So what exactly is your role here?

"I'm the one that digests the old cell parts and breaks down the bigger food molecules into smaller ones. If I wasn't around this place would be a cluttered mess."

The membrane says that they could get along just fine without you. Do you disagree?

"Of course I disagree, I'm the one that repairs the cell membrane. I make sure their immune system is strong enough to fight against bacteria and other foreign bodies."

The membrane also said that you need them too. Why is that?

"Well, it might be because I have a membrane. But just one!" huffed the Lysosome.

Will This Madness End?