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- Issue 15 - January 18, 2015

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I want to begin this week with a story. This week, I was unable to return to the classroom right after recess, because of something I had to work out from being on playground supervision. As I returned to the classroom a few minutes later, I walked in to find the class quietly sitting, all set up for our next class, with one of the students reading aloud to them from the chapter book we read from each day. I tell you this not because it is a sign that they don't need me anymore, but a clear indication that we've hit the point in the school year where the students know what is expected of them, and take responsibility for the time they have for their learning. I was very impressed, it is truly a sign of very respectful and responsible bunch of students!

We also had a really good conversation this week about making sure that these respectful and responsible choices continue outside of the classroom, especially around other teachers, so that they are able to see our positive choices, not only interact with us when something negative happens on the playground.

It's a quiet week ahead, nothing too much happening ... and that's just the way I like it. Although I enjoy the fun and exciting days of the year, weeks like this also allow us to focus and learn together as a class.

This past week the students began their exploration of book clubs and exploring not only what it's like to read and discuss a book with fellow readers, but also what it's like to set up agreements in a group that respect each member and also hold each member accountable.

So What Did you Do at School Today ...?

This week, ask your children about:


Book Clubs - Who's in my group? What's our group name? What did we read this past week? How did our first meeting go?

- Books Mrs. F read to us: "Kookums Red Slippers" - "Cheyenne Again"

- Our class novel - "Wonder"


Choosing and building ideas for my main character in our fiction story


Multiplication Strategies for:

- Grade 3 - 0's & 1's and 2's

- Grade 4 - 0's, 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, 11's, 9's

Social Studies:

What was life for the First Nations people before the arrival of the Europeans?

Importance of the Buffalo


Creating teepees and thinking about symbols

Upcoming Dates

January 21 - Taco in a Bag Hot Lunch

Next Week:

January 27 - Family Literacy Day

January 28 - Assessipi Ski Field Trip

January 29 - No School for Students


Grade 3&4 Swimming Lessons will begin on February 1, 2016. I will send the newsletter home next Monday. Dates are noted in the newsletter.

Interesting Read of the Week...

"You're the Greatest - When too much praise can cause problems."