1. The term employment refers to a relationship between two parties in which one provides services and the other provides compensation.

2. In the United States most employment relationships are classified as " at-will" arrangements.

3. In legal terminology this means that either party may end the relationship at any time.


1. Labor is a near-universal element of human existence in one form or another.

2. In many cases slaves were prisoners of war, but sentence of bondage could be imposed on criminals or debtors.

3. The industrial Revolution brought swift, massive changes to the relationship between employers and employees.


1. The medieval guilds established as self-governing regulatory bodies among separate professions were formed to protect the members' livelihoods, and this concept the theoretical basis for the first-ever unions of "workingmen."

2. Successors to the National Labor Union were the Knights of Labor, the America Federation of Labor, and the industrial Workers of the world

3. The 1938 act also outlawed child labor in the United States.

Government Regulation

1. Roosevelt and his new deal reforms ushered in an era of federal regulatory measures designed to protect American workers.

2. Many manufacturing sectors have seen significant shifts in the labor pool from union-friendly states to the South.

3. In 2007 US union membership totaled 15.4 million, or 12.5 percent of the workforce.

Current Issues

1. The federal minimum wage law in the United sates is considered an ineffective safeguard for more workers at the lowest level of the economic ladder.

2. In 2009 it was raised to $7.25 per hour from $5.85 per hour.

3. Because the workers usually have very limited education, they are easily exploited by factory owners, who in some cases hold the foreign workers' passports.

My opinion

My opinion is that use the people need to work and help each other on are employment and try to figure how much we should get payed each other to my are self a better country.