Welcome to Andorra...

We are where the mountains are!!!

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Andorra is usually cold and snowy because of the mountains.

Cold winters

Hot Dry summers

Fast Facts...

  • Elevation.33
  • Andorra la Vella is the capital
  • Population: 79.218 (2005)
  • Official Language: Catalan


GDP in 2007 was 3.66 billion.

Landforms/Bodies of Water

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  • Highest Point is Coma Pedrosa 9,656
  • High Mountains
  • Bordered by steep narrow valleys


1970 - Women given the vote

1990 - Andorra signs customs union with EU

2011 April - Opposition centre-right Democrats for Andorra coalition wins snap parliamentary election, defeating PM Jaume Bartumeu Cassany Social Democrats.


Andorras religion is ligurian,

and Roman Catholic