Peek of the Week


March 27- Report Cards go home

March 28- Spring Carnival

March 30-31 - STAAR testing (Shutdown days*)

April 3- No school

*Parents are not allowed on campus on shutdown days due to other grades testing.

**Please make sure your child comes prepared for school every day. This means that they have a signed blue folder brought to school with them every day. They also need to make sure that they bring their BOX to school with them with all of their supplies (glue, scissors, pencils, crayons, dry erase marker)! Students will start receiving color changes for coming unprepared for class.


This week we began our unit on financial literacy. Students have been learning about income, spending and saving money and donating. We will continue this unit next week.

Helpful/fun links:

Youtube has a lot of fun songs to reinforce money concepts. Games such as monopoly, life and and allowance are also fun activities to help your child practice math skills. - gives good activities to teach financial literacy to kids of various ages


This week we began our unit on living and non-living things. We will continue this throughout the next week and then move on to our unit on plants.


The next two weeks, we will also be learning more about economics from a social studies standpoint! Many of the activities that we do for math will tie into our social studies TEKS. Students will be learning about different types of jobs, income, goods and services and needs and wants.