My Smore Flyer

viola identity

viola in the movie dressed up as her brother so she can go to a differnt school and play on the boys soccor team becasue her schools soccor team was cut. in the movie when viola had to sometimes switch between herself and her brother so she could help her mom out with events and during one of the events and she meet duke one of the boys on her soccor team and she kissed him and they had a thing and ended up playing soccor and dating.

Viola's Gender

In the movie violoa had to dress up as her brother so she can be on the team but she had to keep it a secret. she through out te movie she would dress up to be a girl and a boy so she could help he mom out the events and so she can be on the soccor team.

People's Perception of Viola

in the movie i see viola as a corages girl that will do anything to get what she wants or to prove someone wrong when she knows shes right. in the movie she she didnt even have to dress up to be on the team becasue at the new school she wnet to they allowed girls on the team.

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