Cold War

By Trent Mason

Who was in the cold war where was the cold war and When was the cold war

The Cold War started in 1947 and ended in 1991. It was fought between the eastern and western blocks for control.

Media based.

The media obviously said this was a horrible. The Americans were there to keep russia from putting nuclear weapons on cuba and some other smaller things. Neither side fired a single shot. Hinch the cold war. It was a very long war tho.

Media Based 2

The russian media said how the dirty Americans were trying to keep them from protecting themselves. It was a very fine line that both sides were playing. Both have the worlds biggest Nuclear war machines. So if either side would have fired World War 3 would have started.


The Bias on this subject was great. each country wanting theres to be the good guys in the eyes of all the people. The Americans said they were just trying to protect there nation and the national security. The Russians were saying the same thing even though they were putting nukes in the country of Cuba for just in case we attacked because there scared little kids when it comes to us and them going to war, but we are to i mean if we war that world war 3.


I criticize both the news and media passed stuff. Neither country gave the truth to a 100% t. I understand the fact that both countries wanted theirs to look like the good guys but that isnt how it works. Your country wants the truth. Not a lying dirt bag like most medias now a days are. Our freedom of speech is being taken away just not alot of people know it.
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