The country of revolution and love

Pairs France

The city of France is Paris it is one of the most seen cities in the world

More then 2,234,105 people visited Paris in 2009 and more then 50,000 people live in France

Why you can go

People go and visit France everyday you can go for a honeymoon or for vacation or just because

Site seeing

The French Revolution

Learn about the French Revolution

In the 1780s the French government was deeply in debt because of bad investments and the costs of wagging wars. Life was miserable for the common working people. Poor harvests combined with increased population had led to food shortages and hunger.

The French Republic

In 1792 France became a republic king Louis XVI was found guilty of treason or betraying ones country in 1793 he and Marie Antoinette were sentenced to death

SO GO VISIT FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!