All about what it takes to be in this musical group!

Chorus: Conformity

Being part of a musical class means that you must conform with others around you in order to put songs in together correctly and sing the correct notes. In the Asch Line experiment, conformity became evident when people were asked to give their answers out loud rather than privately. By speaking out loud, people were susceptable to falling under the assumption that other people had better answers than them, and because of this, they would conform and all choose the same answer to avoid the chance of being wrong or sticking out if they chose their own personal answer. In chorus, we use conformity, just in different ways. Often times, our teacher will ask one person out of our section(soprano, alto, tenor, or base) to sing a verse of a song correctly and alone. When they do it correctly, everyone else in the group must conform to match the same pitch as the person who just sang. We often fall into a group think when this happens because a lot of people in my class aren't too sure of the notes and just go off and trust what other people say is the correct note is and join in on what they think it may be.