Forensic Science Technician

"Body's are our Hobbies" by: Alex Delebreau 9th hour


  • They make around 55,000 a year on average
  • They help the judge make the decision of guilty or not guilty
  • Minimum degree you need is a bachelors degree
  • Every thing you do on your computer we they could track if needed
  • You need to become certified by going to school
  • They examine and identify the physical evidence from crime scenes
  • Matching people fingerprints is very difficult and doesn't always work
  • Forensic science dates back to 44 B.C.
  • Sometimes they find no physical evidence at all
  • Many have doctorates degrees



  • You get paid a good amount
  • You have a new job every day
  • You'll get to work with other scientists

  • You have to look at dead bodies
  • You have to work in any condition
  • You work as many hours as they need you

High school/college courses

  • Advanced chemistry
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Computer science and programming
  • Physics
  • Probability and statistics

University of Madison, Wisconsin


  • Only $10,399
  • Division 1 sports
  • 24 hour campus security

  • Cold weather
  • 3 hours away
  • Big city

University of Wisconsin- La Crosse


  • Sports
  • $8,962 a year
  • High grade expectation

  • Cold weather
  • Division 3
  • Campus not that big

University of California, Los Angeles


  • Warm
  • Division 1
  • Big campus

  • Far away from home
  • $34,098 a year
  • In a big city

American Acadamy of Forensic Science

American Board of Criminalistics

Job Advertisment

NOW HIRING! A local job opportunity has opened up for the occupation of a forensic science technician. To apply for this job you must at least have a bachelors degree in forensic science. We must complete and approve your backround check. You must be Abel to work together with others and be ready for the fact to work with dead bodies and see many gory things. You will be making around 27 dollars per hour if you put your heart and soul into this occupation. You must be able to work in any hour of the day because finding evidence can be gone in matter of seconds. Contact 1-800-fore-nsic or if interested

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