Nepal Earthquake

What the total effect was

What caused the earthquake?

Collisions and shifts of the continental plate of India and of Asia caused the Nepal earthquake. Under the ground about thirteen to fifteen kilometers down below the surface.Two tectonic plates meet beneath the Himalayas along a fault line. The India plate is moving north at around 45mm a year and pushing under the Eurasian plate. Over time that is how the Himalayas were created.( Al Jazeera) India moves a few inches a year. It is carried by the semi-molten mantle. Because Asia and India are rock they cause stress.

How earthquakes happen

Earthquakes usually happen when different tectonic plates slide past one another or one drops. The release causes waves of energy to move the rock which makes the ground shake. (Michigan Tech). Sometimes the earthquake has small after shokes which can cause buildings to fall depending on how strong the earthquake was. When there is stress inbetween to continental plates which are rock it causes an earthquake.

How many people were killed?

The earthquake in Nepal killed and injured many people. There were more than 5,000 dead and 9,200 injured. They are still looking for people that have been trapped under buildings and houses. Which are all broken into small bricks and stone.

The cost

It will take a long time to repair Nepal. But the price to repair it could be over $5 million U.S. dollars. After the the second earthquake there will still be more money needed to repair Nepal. But there also will be a cost to help everyone who has been hurt (