William Shakespeare

"The Best Playwright"

Shakespeare's Background

Little was known about his past, but what they do know is that Shakespeare was the 3rd of 8 children. His parents, a glove maker and a farmers daughter, were considered middle class people. During his childhood, Shakespeare went to grammar school that would be considered incredibly rigorous in today's time. These classes started at dawn and were held six days a week. Years later, at age eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway. They had three children throughout their marriage.

Shakespeare's Accomplishments

Shakespeare had many achievements but his main accomplishment was that he wrote 38 plays and 150 sonnets. His most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, was written in 1594. Another major achievement that he had was that in a 20 year time period, he wrote about 2 plays a year. This is a lot of work! A book was also published in 1609 that contained some of his sonnets. Shakespeare became very popular over his plays and by 1612, he had become England's most popular playwright.

Shakespeare's Impact on Today

Shakespeare has impacted our world today in many areas. One of these is that the success of his work helped to set the precedent for the evolution of modern dramas and plays. In fact, many of his plays are still being routinely memorized and performed today, nearly 4 centuries later! He also helped to complete and "well round" the English language which impacts today because people all over the world learn English every day.

Interesting Facts About Shakespeare

-Shakespeare lived to be 52, which was very old for his time during great disease and sickness.

-Shakespeare's Globe theater burnt down on June 29th, 1613 after a cannon shot set fire to it during a performance.

-Aside from writing plays and sonnets, Shakespeare was also an actor who performed in many of his own plays and in other ones also.


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