Human Migration

By: Lindsey Smith

Why does Human Migration hurt us???

When we let other people in from other country's we get a lot of population growth in our city's and sometimes it can be good but other times it can be really bad. It is bad because it can effect our food and water and really hurt our natural resources because the more people that come in take more food and water than we might have available and we would have to build more things for them and it can take up a lot of our resources.Sometimes bad people can come in and we won't even know until they do something to hurt us or the whole USA.

What does human migration mean?????

The true definition to human migration is the movement from one place to another with the intentions of settling temporarily or permanently.Right now in the US people are coming from Mexico and Belgium and they are doing bad things so that is another example of why human migration can be bad.
Right now in the USA people are migrating from all over the place. Some of these people are posing threats and killing or injuring people badly. In the picture below it shows all the countries and the rate of how many people have come in each country.
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