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September 16, 2022

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Dear Early Childhood Families,

We officially have one full week of school under our belts! This week was filled with laughter, excitement, and learning. I am thankful that the rain stayed away so our students could go outside to explore and play together. I am enjoying walking around and seeing the different sites and what makes each space unique. It is so nice to be back inside the Preschool classrooms again. Thank you to everyone who has stopped me on my travels to say hello. It makes my day when you stop to say hi and talk. I have enjoyed meeting new smiling faces this week!

I wanted to share a few important dates with you to put on your radar:

Monday, September 26th, 2022 the Hoboken Public School District will be closed for Rosh Hashanah.

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 will be our Preschool Back to School Night. You will be receiving more information on that soon.

There are so many wonderful things happening in the classrooms! Please continue reading below to see updates from each site.

Kind regards,

Kimberly Mara

Director of Early Childhood Education

What's Happening in Early Childhood?


Welcome Back!! This first week of preschool has been all about meeting new teachers and friends, establishing school routines, and exploring all the fun toys and activities! We are learning everyone’s names, greeting our peers and teachers, and using language to interact. We have been enjoying exploring our centers, specifically dramatic play and table toys. Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow!


Students in Miss Zoe & Miss Jocelyn’s Prek3 class love participating in Opening

Group each morning! There are musical helpers who play the ukulele, weather

helpers who look out the window to see outside and calendar helpers who assist

us in marking off each day. We love to see such enthusiasm here in Room 107!

Keep up the good work!


Brandt classroom 22 introduced the children to Graphics Practice. The first thing the children will learn is “dots that don’t touch”. This is a great pre-writing skill that the children will use every day when they create their play plans. The first thing they will learn is we wait to hear the music before we begin to make our dots. When the music stops we put our markers down. This is also such a fun way to practice our self-regulation skills. The children all did such a great job!

Brandt classroom 108 has been working on one of the TOTM activities. Graphics Practice is one of my favorite activities. It helps children with self-regulation, increasing memory and drawing specific graphical marks and shapes that help with writing and literacy skills. This week we made grass. Using the speech “down, down” helps with numbers 1, 4, and 7 and letters with straight lines in them. Ask them about making these fun figures on the whiteboard.


Ms. Cathy and Ms. Yisel's classroom 204 in Calabro started graphics practice this week. Graphics practice is a Tools of the Mind Curriculum lesson that focuses on fine motor skills. The students also practice self regulation. Another way for the children to focus on their writing is to use private speech. Here you can see the students practicing dots and using the private speech rain.


Kicking off the school at HOPES Connors School we invited Grandparents to come in to read to the students for Grandparents Day! The children had a great time listening to stories from their Grandparents both in person and virtually for those Grandparents who were too far away to come in. We are looking forward to having more special events in the upcoming year!!


At HOPES Jubilee Center in Ms. Vicky and Ms. Uzma's Pre-k 3 classroom as well as Ms. Lesley and Ms. Sonny’s Pre-k 4 class the students posed for some great first day of school pictures!! The children were so excited to play with the new materials in the classroom. We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!
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Ms. Antonet and Mr. Charlie’s class had a great time exploring the areas of their classroom. They were able to visit all of the centers and see what each had to offer. A beautiful week allowed the class the opportunity to spend time outside.

Rue Mile Square

In Ms. Katrina & Ms. Violeta's classroom it was All About Me! This week we were able to work on and bring in our "All About Me" projects. We read the book ”What I Like About Me” by Allia Zobel- Nolan. Students were able to share some of their favorite things. After reading, the students took turns looking in the mirror at the back of the book. They told one thing that they liked about themselves. This activity helped the students to learn about their friends and have self-awareness of what they like about themselves.

St. Francis

As the school year begins, Ms. Maria and Ms. Gladys’ Pre-K 3 Superstars, at the St. Francis site, Mile Square Early Learning Center, talked about our first day feelings. We first began by reading the book, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. After reading the book, we discussed as a class different types of feelings and emotions. In addition, we discussed what our facial expressions look like when feeling those emotions. For example, “happy- a smile, sad- frown or crying face, mad- eyebrows downward/ tight body, etc.” Ms. Maria then explained to the students that our feelings can change throughout the day like how Chester’s feelings changed from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. To conclude our lesson, we created a First Day Feelings chart. Room 401’s Superstars expressed how they were feeling on the First Day of School. Our results turned out that 9 of our students were happy, 1 student was feeling sad, and 2 students were feeling excited!


In Room 003, Ms. Sophy and Ms. Sol’s class introduced I Have Who Has this week and our friends got the hang of it right away. We started with our COLORS. Why do we do I Have who Has? We do this activity to practice our color recognition. Soon we will start working on our letters!

For our first time our friends did a good job!

The PIRT Corner

Food Allergies

The Hoboken Public School District is not a peanut/nut free district. However we do address all allergies and the ECE program will work with the program nurse and Family Advocates regarding food allergies and other medical needs. We are working closely with our food service provider Chartwells regarding food sensitivity matters.

If your child has a food sensitivity, please communicate that to your child's family advocate.

Nurse's Nook

My name is Renee Banks and I am the new nurse for Early Childhood! I have been a nurse for 3 years. I spent my first 2 years as a nurse working in a post-acute pediatric hospital in Boston, MA. Last year I moved to New Jersey and became the nurse at Brandt Elementary. I am looking forward to spending my second year as a district nurse in the Early Childhood program!

Physicals and Immunizations

Preschool students need a new physical every year. Physicals will expire one year from the date on the Universal Health Record (Ex. If your child’s Universal Health Record is dated 10/15/2021, it will expire on 10/15/2022). Please be prompt in scheduling yearly physicals and give all updated physical/immunization forms to family advocates.

*Reminder that a flu shot is required before December 31st, 2022!!!

Action Plans

If your child has a food allergy, asthma, or other condition requiring an action plan, please be sure to give all necessary documentation to the family advocates. If your child requires medication at school, a medication form is needed and should be given to the family advocate along with the medication in its original container.

Below are some helpful links that may be useful for you throughout the school year.

Preschool Required Immunization Chart

Asthma Action Plan

Food Allergy Action Plan

Home Language Questionnaire *click below to fill out*

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In the Early Childhood Program we operate using an upward communication procedure. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please refer to the chart linked below when sending an email. When in doubt, please send your email to your child's Family Advocate and he/she will escalate it to the appropriate person.

Change is HARD, you go first

Have you ever heard that? Well the same applies for our youngest learners. For some 3 and 4 year old's this is their first experience with school and being away from home for an extended period of time. For others this is old news- they're been in school/ day care before and know what to expect. Some children who have never been to school find a way to wave goodbye and walk in to school like they own the place while you're standing at a distance in a puddle of tears (speaking from experience). Let's not discount the emotional toll for parents and caregivers too who are feeling all sorts of feelings watching their little one/s walking into school in September.

If your child is experiencing challenges as they transition into a new school year, our ECE team has created a doc for you.