HPES Parent Newsletter


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Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Highland Park Elementary School. Our campus is an exciting place to learn where our diversity is embraced. Our priority for your child is to provide highly engaging learning in a safe and supportive environment. As part of the Pflugerville Independent School District, we strive to passionately serve our students and families. Our bilingual office staff is eager to support you and your family in both English and Spanish. Please feel free to come by the office or call us if you have questions about the campus.


Here a few ways to stay informed. Follow us on Facebook @HighlandParkES and on Twitter @HighlandPark_ES. School communications will also be sent out through Peach Jar via email. Please, open emails from Peach Jar to stay informed of campus and district information. On Tuesday’s an HPES folder will be sent home with flyers and information. Please be sure to look out for the folder on Tuesday’s. Additionally, please sign-up for our mailing list at You will receive a monthly campus newsletter through the mailing list. You can also find a copy of a newsletter like this one in our campus webpage under “Principal’s blog”.

Class Rosters

To balance out the classes, we have had to make a few adjustments to your classroom rosters. We have notified all parents of students that were moved to a different class. We are also keeping a close eye on our enrollment and hope to be opening up a kinder class soon. We are also actively looking for a highly qualified 5th grade bilingual teacher.


The school day begins at 7:35 a.m. Please remember that attendance is important for the education of your child. Regular attendance at school increases academic success and teaches lifelong lessons of responsibility and dependability. Not only is it important for your child to be present, but it is important for your child to be on time. We start learning at 7:35 so your child needs to be in class at 7:35 a.m. Plan for the morning traffic, and please make sure your child is here on time. HPES doors open at 7:05 a.m. Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria every day from 7:05-7:30. When they are done eating breakfast they may go down the hallway to their class.

Students will line up in the main hallway and released to classrooms at 7:15. At this time, students will walk down the hallway and sit outside their classroom door. Teachers will welcome your students into their classroom at 7:30 with a cheerful good morning, high five, handshake and a smile- this is huge in building relationships. Students who wish to eat breakfast may go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival.

Monday will be the first day that we train our students on how to wait in the hallway. It will take a few days for the children to learn the routine so we need your help in reminding your child of the expectations. We can’t do it without you!


teachers will continue supporting their classes on Monday - Wednesday of this week in the cafeteria. The cafeteria expectation is to eat quietly while the background music is playing, and when the music is off everyone has the opportunity to talk. This helps in maintaining the noise level in the cafeteria and encourages students to eat their lunch.


The safety of all students at Highland Park Elementary School is our number one priority. In order to maintain a high degree of awareness and safety during our afternoon dismissal process, we are requiring that all parents and/or guardians adhere to the following procedures:

1. Please wait outside for your child. If you sign out your child prior to dismissal time, it must be documented. Excessive early outs could amount to a meeting with the attendance committee. Teachers will make sure your child/children get to the car pick-up areas in an orderly manner.

2. Each student has been issued a numbered/color coded dismissal card. Parents picking up students MUST display this card in the passenger side window of any car. For safety’s sake, children will not be allowed to get in any car without the sign being present.

3. Dismissal order is PreK, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, then 3rd 4th and 5thgrades. If you are in line for 3rd, 4th or 5th grade before Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade has dismissed you will be asked to pull around and re-enter the line.

4. If you forget your card, the staff on duty will ask you for your driver’s license. She/he will take your driver’s license to the office to be scanned through RAPTOR and bring back a new card for your vehicle. Students will be monitored as they leave school so we can safely account for every child.

5. If you choose to park your vehicle and walk up to pick up your child, you will be asked to show the sign to staff on duty, so that we can be absolutely certain your child is in safe hands.

6. If you do not have the card as a walk-up, you will be asked to go to the office and present a picture ID to sign out your child.

7. All parents are welcome to visit the school. Parents can walk their students down the main hallway daily between 7:10-7: 30 am. All other areas and times require visitors to obtain a visitor badge from the office which must be visibly worn in all areas of the building. You will need your state-issued picture identification in order to obtain a visitor badge through our Raptor system.

8. Our staff will direct any visitor without a visitor badge to the office. This is for the protection of our students and ensures who is in the building at all times. Please help us in our efforts to maintain the highest degree of safety for everyone.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding. Together we will make this school year safe and successful for all.

Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation is set for Tuesday, August 27th. PK - 2nd will be from 5:30-6:15 and 3rd - 5th from 6:15- 7:00. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn our campus, grade level, and classroom goals and expectations.


Students are encouraged to wear a college shirt on Wednesdays and a Highland Park spirit shirt on Fridays!

Upcoming Events

08/19-08/30- PTO Soda Drive

08/27- Choir Auditions

09/04- Moves with Mom 7:10-7:30

09/09-09/13- Book Fair

09/06- Back to School Dance

09/19- ASL 2 begins

09/23- Jump Rope Team tryouts

09/25- Dunks with Dad 7:10-7:30