Community Summer Resources

Organized by the 4J Wraparound Team - June/2021


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Dear Students & Families

The last day of school for students will be June 17th, 2021. Knowing our 4J staff will no longer be available during the summer break, the 4J Wraparound team has put together this short newsletter of resources for our families.

Feel free to look over the extensive list of available resources for Lane County residents.

If a 4J student or family needs assistance from the Wraparound Team, we will be checking our office phone weekly and we will try to get back to you within a few days.

You can leave a message for the Wraparound team at 541-790-5718.

Community Resource Guides

Click here to see available community resource guides

FOOD: 4J Food Box Distribution

4J School District is now offering Food Box Distribution for school lunches.

For more information, please click here or contact 4J Nutrition Services at or leave a message at 541-790-7654.

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Due to COVID-19, most counseling services are being provided via telehealth (phone or video). Here is a list of agencies that may be accepting new clients for child, adolescent or family therapy and accept the Oregon Health Plan:


  • Youth Line (Lines for Life): A teen-to-teen crisis and help line. Contact us with anything that may be bothering you; no problem is too big or too small! Call 1(877) 968-8491.Text ‘teen2teen’ to 839863. Chat Teens available to help daily from 4-10pm Pacific Time (off-hour calls answered by Lines for Life).

  • Child and Adolescent Crisis Response Program - 888-989-9990. Offers phone support for caregivers when their child is having a mental health crisis (violence, aggression, severe depression, out of control behavior, or mental health issues that cause immediate concern for the safety of the child or family members).

  • White Bird Crisis Line - 541-687-4000. Offers support or resources for any type of crisis, including mental health, by phone.

  • CAHOOTS - Eugene: 541-682-5111 Springfield: 541-726-3714. Offer in-person assistance (crisis worker + medic) including to children and youth.


  • First Place Family Center - 541-342-7728. 1995 Amazon Pkwy, Eugene, OR 97405. Offers shelter support case-management, as well laundry, shower, and other daily services for currently homeless families.

  • Catholic Community Services - Eugene & Springfield: 541-345-3628. Offer variety of supports to families in Lane County, such as food, clothing, energy & housing assistance.
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How to apply for federal program to Help with heating bills:

· Call Catholic Community services at 541-345-3642. Press ‘3’.

· Leave a voice mail saying your house was impacted by COVID. And you want to apply for E.A.S.C.R.

· Someone from Catholic Community Services will call you back to schedule an intake appointment.

To be ready for your intake appointment you’ll need to have:

  • ID for adults in household. This could be driver's license, passport, a bill with their name on it, a letter from a government agency, etc. Does not need to be photo ID.
  • Recent utility bill (from last three months).
  • Proof of income for previous month for all adults in household *OR* proof of current enrollment in one of the following programs: SNAP, WIC, SSI, TANF or received LIHEAP in the last 12 months. (Current enrollment in one of these programs means that income documents do not need to be provided).

When your application is approved, the E.A.S.C.R. folks will put in a payment to your EWEB or sub account a few days after your intake appointment.

This is an important program. Please call today!!

There is a fantastic federal program, called Energy Assistance Stability Coronavirus Relief Program (EASCR). This program provides money dollars toward outstanding heating/electric bills. Call Ms. Brinda at 541-790-5855 for more information: .


EWEB’s bill assistance opens up on the 1st business day of each month at 9:00 a.m. To apply, call (541) 685-7000 or fill out the online application here. First come, first served.

You may be able to qualify for annual assistance of up to $260.


Other Supports

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