Dave Pelzer

This is about me and my life being abused as a child

My Life

When i was about 5 years old, my mother started to take her "punishment" way too far. My first MAJOR incident was my mother stabbed me/ right above my stomach. and didn't even bother to take me to the hospital. From that night i made a promise to myself that, in the future, may have saved my life, i will not bow down to her, i will not ,ever again, let her feel the accomplishment that she has made me cry, and howl in pain.
My second major incident was when i was about 6 years old, i was supposed to be going to my cub scout meeting,but for some reason she only took my brothers to their meetings and took me home. When we got inside, she told me to take off all my clothes and go stand by the stove. i started to get nervous and intimidated. but did as she told. and she told me to climb on top of the stove, so she can watch me burn, when i refused,l she grabbed my arm and hold it above the flame, that was the time i decided that, deep down in my heart, i hated her, so much i can not explain.
The most time i treasured was the breif encounter i had with my little brother. i took care of him for about 2 hours, and it changed my life. i followed him everywhere he went 1 step behind him the whole time, although i knew it was about to end, i treasured every single second
The time i got my life back, was the morning at school. i got called to the office although i had no reason why, i figured i had done something wrong once again. but this time was different, there was a police officer waiting for me at the door, he sayed he was going to call my mom, he acted like he was scared to just call her but he told me to get in the car and he drove me to safety.
Ihave told you this because i wanted to show you a lesson, if you think that someone you know, or love, is being abused, report it , so they also don't have to feel like an "It" as i once did.