Mrs. Randall's Third Grade Class

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February 22, 2016

Formative Testing: Tuesday and Thursday.

Yes, this week we will be doing our formative reading and math test. This means that students will be given a released STAAR test and "testing conditions" to see how they preform. This helps the students because a STAAR testing environment is different from tother tests, helps them see what types of questions will be on the STARR and it gives them some Practice. It also helps me know what students REALLY understand and what we need to cover again. I have talked to the class so they know this is coming. Its not meant to be stressful, just a learning experience.
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Math: Back to Fractions

In math we are heading back to the world of fractions. We will not begin comparing and building fractions instead of just identifying them. Students will asked to think critically about fractions, their pieces and sizes.

ELAR: Nonfiction

We are circling back around to the world of non-fiction or informational text. Students will be bringing home more difficult nonfiction text, talking about the main idea, details, authors purpose and the structure.

Social Studies: Black History Month

To finish up the last week of the month students will take some class time to complete a project on a famous person of their choice. I will begin on Monday and given time in class, however, students may need to bring home to finish their work if they run out of time. This will also count as a test grade! We are trying to not give the student so many tests as reading and math seem to have SO many.

March Project: Inventors

I know it feels like we are piling on one project after another, its just that time of year. On Monday February 29th I will send home information regarding a take home project from march. This will be in place of a test in Social Studies. In march we will be focusing on enterprise i would like students to research an inventor and present a poster about that person. More details to come!
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February 18th, 2016

Math: Shapes!

This week we have been focusing on shapes and the students are doing GREAT! they need to know how to classify shapes and what makes each type of shape unique. Unfortunately this is a FAST unit, so our test is tomorrow.I have sent home flash cards in their math journals PLEASE take some time to go over these with your student, the test is LARGELY vocabulary and I want them to be successful.

Also, I have attached a picture of our review. This is a very abstract review since its hard to recreate the questions with out giving away the answers. Feel free to go over this with your darlings as well!

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ELAR: Plot, character choices and making inferences.

AS you may have noticed students are reading pretty tough books these days. Thank you for taking the time to re-read the books with them at home. As we move into the next phase of the school year I will be pushing the students to grow as readers. A big part of that is talking about characters actions and motives as well as making inferences. These are tough for students, so give them lots of time to think if you ask them about it.

Last week I sent home a book titled " Ghosts in the House" and this week I am sending home another one called " Harriet Tubman: the underground Railroad". Please ask students what these books have in common.

Math project: TOWN SQUARE

On Monday I sent home a take home project for math. This was to help students get more practice with the vocabulary and shapes and also have a little fun! This is due on Monday, please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have! I am excited to see everyone's town square!

Please note this is DUE Monday February 22.

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February 8th, 2016

Friendship party

Again, just a quick reminder that on Friday we will be having our Friendship party. The students who volunteered to bring "big items" to the party took slips home on friday. Any student can bring something small, I just ask that they bring enough for all 22 students in our class.

Also, due to a personal reason, I MAY have to leave campus early that day. If this is the case the party WILL go on! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Math: Shapes!

Yes, we are going to be entering the exciting world of shapes this week in math. This is usually a unit that students enjoy, so hopefully they will be excited to share this with you. WE will be learning about the different types of shapes and their attributes. Also, there will be a take home project for them during this unit. I will send out more information about that soon!

Reading: Inferencing and Plot

This week in ELAR we will be moving back into the world of fiction where we will be taking a closer look at the skill of inferencing and the text structure of PLOT. Students have already learned plot so this will be a review as we dig deeper. Inferencing, however, is a tougher skill for us to learn. I will be helping the students learn about their schema (background knowledge) and how to use the text to help them. WE will also be reading a fictional book about the Underground Railroad, as next week we will read a book about Harriet Tubman.
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Thank you so much for helping your students with their Planet projects. I am grading them now and they are wonderful! Also, I think that they enjoyed not having to take a test!

Now, we are moving on to plants. Also, another fun unit for student.

Social Studies

This week we are fishing up wants and needs with goods and services. Next we will move into the world of Government. What great timing with all the elections and such! We will not be focusing on presidential elections, we will be more focused on the branches of government, but don't be surprised if your student ask some questions!

Test Review

February 1, 2016

Math: Finishing up algebra concepts

This week are are wrapping up our unit on Algebraic concepts. Students have learned about the distributive property, associative property and missing numbers! They have also worked with input and output tables! This week we will be finishing the unit with area concepts, both regular and irregular shapes. The review will come home THURSDAY for the test Friday. Please take some time to go over the review with your students. We do cover them in class, but students can gain a lot when they explain the math to you!

ELAR: Persuasion

Yes, This week we are finishing our unit on persuasion! Students have been reading debates and stories with many different opinions. This week we will focus in writing our own persuasive essays. Students will even go through the writing process with revising and editing. Keep an eye out for your student's work!
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Science: Planets

We are wrapping up our science unit this week, planets. Students have the brochure due Thursday February 4th, please let me know early if you student will need more time. Just a reminder this is in place of students taking a test, so this project will count as their TEST GRADE!

Also, students who have not finished their planets folables will be asked to bring them home this week. I will be collecting those so students can move on to their investigation: My Favorite Planet.

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Social Studies.: Wants and Needs

Students are finishing their work on Wants Vs. Needs. We will be using their wants VS needs foldable as a test grade also. This is so students don't have to take a paper-pensil test and can show me their knowledge in more creative ways. Students who do not finish this by friday will be asked to take it home over the weekend to finish!

Friendship Party: February 12, 2016

Yes, we will be celebrating Friendship this month with a small party in our class. Students have already volunteered to bring items for the party, however if you student would like to bring something small that is okay, just bring enough for each of our 22 students. . We will be celebrating the last 30 mins of the day on Friday February 12, 2016. However, Please know that do to personal reasons I MAY have to leave campus early that day and my class will be split among the other teachers celebrating.