95 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

By: Almir Alagic

You wake up every morning and you are tired due to lack of sleep. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is by exercising for at least 30 minutes everyday.
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Additional Reasons

13.Helps prevent loss of muscle mass

14.Helps ease the process of aging in some aspects

15.Strengthens joints

16.Strengthens muscles

17.Makes you have the flu less

18.Makes you have the cold less

19.Creates a stronger heart

20.Makes your heart build up less plague

21.Makes your heart pump blood more efficiently

22.Makes your heart have to pump less blood

23.Makes your heart rate lower

24.Makes your resting metabolic rate lower

25.Makes you be able to eat more

26.Makes eating unhealthy not as harsh on your body

27.Increases flexibility

28.Weight loss

29.Makes you feel more energized

30.Makes carrying anything easier

31.Makes going up stairs/hills easier

32.Creates feelings of happiness

33.Creates feelings of euphoria

34.Reduces anxiety

35.Reduces depression

36.Improves overall mood

37.Improves self-esteem

38.Improve positive self image

39.Enjoy the outdoors

40.Prevent cognitive decline

41.Supports the hippo campus

42.Prevent degeneration of the hippo campus

43.Sharpens memory

44.Helps control addiction

45.Helps you sleep

46.Helps you get more done

47.Exercise increases creativity

48.Exercise increases inspiration

49.Inspires others

50.Helps prevent premature death

51.Helps prevent cardiovascular disease

52.Helps prevent cancer

53.Helps prevent hypertension

54.Helps prevent obesity

55.Helps ignore irrelevant information

56.Helps with balance problems

57.Helps people who have a hard time walking

58.Helps plan an activity

59.Helps shift between tasks

60.Helps improve endurance

61.Improves lungs and circulatory system

62.Helps avoid disabilities

63.Helps prevent high insulin-dependent diabetes

64.Helps prevent peripheral vascular disease

65.Helps prevent back pain.

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