2021 OCS Planning Year Pointers

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Planning Year Session II: Charter School Finance October 27, 2021

Planning Year Session III: Operations & Accountability

School Applications Preliminarily Approved to Open in 2021-2022!!!

Winning the State Board’s application approval at its April meeting were:

In addition, we have three (3) schools who were in a delay year in 2021 and are now in the 2022 cohort and one acceleration applicant who has joined Cohort 2022 regular timeline:

  • 600-Charlotte Mecklenburg-Huntersville Charter High School
  • 320-Durham-North Oak Charter Academy
  • 19F- Pittsboro-School of the Arts for Boys (SABA)
  • 920-Wake-Wake Preparatory Academy

Ready to Open Resources

2021-2022 New Charter Leaders' Tasks List

This tasks list is handy if you are a brand new school but also helpful for brand new leaders to a charter school already existing.

Updated 2022 New Charter Leaders' Tasks List

Calendar for the Planning Year Sessions 2021-2022


Unless noted otherwise, these Planning Year sessions will be virtual.

Month-by-Month Planning Year Calendar

Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) Opening Expectations

Ready To Open Framework

Governance Strengthening Exercises

2021-2022 Ready to Open Progress Report & Evidence Checklist

NC Statute, SBE Policy & the Charter Agreement

NC DHHS Support for Charter School Health Requirements

Office of Charter Schools- Here to Support You! Who's Who?