Digital Story Telling

Microsoft Photo Story 3

Benefits of Digital Story Telling

  • Improved writing and organizational skills

  • Adds variety to learning resources and experiences

  • Provides evidence of authentic learning

  • Reaches any age group and skill level (low literacy, ELL, special ed.)

What Makes A Good Digital Story

  • A single message
  • Use short stories
  • Illustrate with images, text and audio

Student Samples

Big image
Photo Story 3 sample movie
The Yellow Tailed Woolly Monkey (PhotoStory example)
Student PhotoStory

Tips To Get Started

  • Prepare script
  • Keep sequences logical
  • Crop images to main point in photo (remove distractions)
  • 3 minute length
  • Use special effects to support story
  • Technology is second to the message

Points About Photo Story 3

  • Free download
  • Requires Windows XP or later to operate
  • Requires Windows Media Player 10 to download
  • Has red-eye, reduction, image rotation, automatic black border removal, cropping,
  • audio narrative, text
  • 48 slides transition to choose from
  • Custom motion control
  • Create own background music or import external files
  • WMV file

Practice making Photo Story

Download Photo Story 3

Click on this link for photos

Create a story about the 3 Little Pigs from link

Edit story with the features

Classroom Uses

  • Retelling a story from field trip, book report, history or timeline
  • Unit assessment
  • Teacher's lessons (students listen better to videos)
  • Other ideas, click on this link

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