All About Me

Sommer Alvarez-Wilkerson

Hobbies <3

Drawing: I prefer draw to talking.Drawing is easier and does

leaves less room for lies.

music: i listen to music everyday. Even in school! :)

School subject strengths:

Math : Math is very is for me. it been a subject that i have no problem with.

Art: My grandpa is a very good artist and that's how I started doing art. I draw when every i have spare time . It a way for me to express my creativity.

Social Studies: I don't know why but I love going to social study's ever since start going to it in 4th grade. I love to learn about history. I guess :/

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Top 3 Ways im Smart:

picture smart

Number/logic Smart

People smart

My Learning Styles

Social learning styles:

learn with others:

learn by myself:

Personal globe inventory:

Holland code: Artistic, Social ,Invested

Career clusters: Health science, information techology

Chiropractor :

method of Entry
Chiropractors must complete 90 undergraduate hours, the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in science, before they are admitted into four-year chiropractic colleges. Graduates of accredited chiropractic schools must pass a minimum of three national examinations. Most states also require taking state licensing examinations prior to going into practice.

Employers contact accredited schools for qualified graduates. They also hire qualified individuals who apply directly to them.


Wage Level

range: $28,520
to $166,400+Per HourSalary
range: $31,030
to $142,950Per Hour