Digital Citizenship

5hr Cuningham Adrian

Online safety

Make sure the website that you are on is legal.

Think about what your online.

think about what are or posting.

Information literacy and scams

  • Craap Categopry
  • Currency:the information
  • Relevance:does the information meet your research need?
  • Authority:is the information proved by a credible person or organization ? For website, what is the domain extension (see back)?
  • Accuracy:does the information appear to be true, ex- is it supported by facts - does it sound unbiased ,-is it error free (no typos),-can be verified with another source?
  • Purpose:why does the information exist,ex.Information,persuasive advertisement, etc.

Responsible use

  • Use small amount of another persons works.
  • Add new stuff to to work you coppy.
  • Use it in a another way.
  • Do not make of money of a another person work.
  • Give cridite to the persons work.


  • Do not create a hate group about someone.
  • Do not post mean comments online.
  • Do not Photoshop someone's photo to embarrass them.
  • Do not record and post fight videos.
  • Do not spread rumors