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May 6, 2016

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

  • Monday, May 9- Algebra EOC
  • Monday, May 9- PTSA Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 10- Algebra EOC
  • Tuesday, May 10-Nstyle Boutique Summer Show- Conference Room
  • Tuesday, May 10- ILT Meeting- PLC Room- 8:00-9:00am
  • Wednesday, May 11- Algebra EOC
  • Wednesday, May 11- SPG Post Tests- Yearlong and 2nd Semester
  • Thursday, May 12- Weekly PLC
  • Thursday, May 12-SPG Post Tests- Yearlong and 2nd Semester
  • Thursday, May 12- Retirement Party for Suzanne Elder and Carol Eddy - Media Center- 8:15-9:00am
  • Friday, May 13- Relay for Life Gwinnett- Gwinnett Fair Grounds- 6:00-11:30pm


TIP- Remember that the Staff Calendar can be accessed on the FFMS Training Page in eCLASS. Click the button below to access the Staff Calendar now.


  • Several parents of our rising students came out to learn more information at the STEAM Team Cohort Meeting on Monday evening. Thank you to our teachers and staff who made this evening a big success!
  • On Tuesday evening, the 6th Grade Orchestra sounded superbly! It was impressive to witness how our students performed that evening as evidence of their growth throughout the year under Mrs. Morris' guidance.
  • Our Springtime Concert for Band and Chorus was amazing! What a way to end the school year with our Band & Chorus students! You all sounded spectacular!
  • We love our volunteers! They were recognized at our Volunteer Breakfast on Friday morning, which was a wonderful occasion to recognize their dedication to our school.
  • It has been a joyful Teacher Appreciation Week! We are so thankful for our dedicated faculty and staff who continually go the extra mile on behalf of our students!
  • We had a big win celebrating our CCRPI Score = 89.1. This score is well above the state and GCPS average placing us fourth in the county!
  • Thank you to everyone who played an important role in making the SID-PID Awards Ceremony a great celebration! Smiles abounded as Mr. George recognized the hard work of his students!

Relay for Life Update

The Gwinnett Relay for Life walk is next Friday, May 13th. We are sharing site locations with Brookwood High School, Site 414 and 415. The event will take place 6:00pm-6:00am :) The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the world's largest and most impactful fundraising event to end cancer. It unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember lost loved ones, and take action to finish the fight once and for all. With the support of thousands of volunteers like you, the American Cancer Society is helping save more than 500 lives a day. Relay For Life of Gwinnett is the largest fundraising event in the world for the American Cancer Society raising in excess of $1.83 million in 2015. Please join us and take action against a disease that has taken too much!


Sandy Havill makes ALL of us at FFMS look GOOD! She does so much behind the scenes to keep schedules, and records running smoothly. Sandy is often the first to greet new parents and pave roads for our students’ success in ways that we never see. I’ve seen her here early mornings, late nights, Saturdays, and summer days. Sandy is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure the FFMS staff can perform their jobs without a hitch. The most amazing part is that she does it all with grace, warmth, charm and many, many smiles. Thank you, Sandy, for all you do and for your example of devotion to our FFMS family!


Formative (goformative)

How it Works

    Create an Assignment -- Assign to Students -- Receive Results -- Give Feedback

    Formative runs on any internet connected device and is optimized for any 1:1, BYOD, flipped or blended classroom.

    Beyond Multiple Choice--

    Students can type, show their work with drawings or submit images.

    Formative Everything--

    Frequent formal and informal checks for understanding guarantee student growth.

    Real-Time Intervention--

    Know exactly what each student needs as they learn and take immediate actions.

    Formative accounts are for teachers and students!

    Formative accounts are FREE for teachers and students!


    Did you know that Mrs. Brown has started a Blog? Check out what is happening in our very own FFMS Media Center!


    • Domesticated chickens have been bred by humans from Asian jungle fowl.
    • Scientists have shown that mother hens display signs of empathy for their baby chicks.
    • Chickens are able to remember and recognise over 100 individuals; they can also recognise humans-- just ask Jeni Greene
    • Like other birds and mammals, chickens experience REM sleep, which is associated with dreaming.
    • Chickens have very sophisticated social behaviour with a dominance hierarchy where higher individuals dominate subordinate individuals. This is where the term pecking order comes from!
    • The dominant male (cockerel) protects the females (hens) and they choose to feed close to him for safety.
    • Chickens perform complex communication where calls have specific meanings. They perform over 30 types of vocalisation that we are aware of with meanings varying from calling youngsters, alarm calls, and alerting others to the whereabouts of food.
    • Chickens have different alarm calls for specific types of predators, which allow conspecifics to know the type of threat they face and what sort of anti-predation behaviour to perform.
    • Chickens are able to comprehend that when an object is taken away and hidden from them, it still exists. Young human children are unable to understand this.
    • Hens are extremely affectionate and caring mothers.
    • Chickens can’t taste in foods however they can detect salt, and most choose to avoid it.
    • The chicken is the closest living relative to the great Tyrannosaurus-Rex.



    11- Liz Sewell

    12- Steven Abbott

    26- Allyson Jones

    28- Onika St. James

    29- Rachel Mickle

    30- Sarah Erickson