Ms. Lewis' News

February 1-5, 2016

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What's Going On This Week!

  • We will exchange Valentines and have our Mardi Gras snack this Friday afternoon.
  • Please send in your child's decorated shoe box before Friday.
  • Mardi Gras Holidays are February 8-12. Have a great break!


We are on Lesson 18 this week. The story is "My Name is Gabriela". Our test will be this Friday, February 5th.

Skills include:

  • Character Traits
  • The long e sound for "y"
  • Changing y to i
  • Suffixes -ful and -y


We are finishing publishing our Fiction stories. We have been working on these for a few weeks peer editing and finalizing thoughts. Once we illustrate our final copy, our stories will be complete!

Our grammar focus is Adverbs.


Concepts that will be covered this week include:

· Writing a Number in Expanded Form

· Subtracting 5 Facts

· Covering Designs with Tangram Pieces

· Writing Money Amounts Using Dollar and Cent Symbols

*Math Fact Assessment: Tuesday, February 2nd

*Math Written Assessment: Wednesday, February 3rd

Science and Social Studies

We have been researching Famous Americans! We have used various websites and books to find information. This week, our projects will be complete and we will share what we learned with our classmates.

Spelling Words

  • happy
  • pretty
  • baby
  • very
  • puppy
  • funny
  • carry
  • lucky
  • only
  • sunny
  • penny
  • city
  • tiny
  • many
  • sorry
  • noisy

High Frequency Words

  1. always
  2. anything
  3. been
  4. draw
  5. friends
  6. mother
  7. soon
  8. under
  9. watch
  10. words

Items Needed in the Classroom

Highlights from Class

This Month's Birthdays!

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