Westword Ho

Isabella Butkisa

I think the pioneers ate different from us and lived different from us.

  • The pioneers ate corn and meat for every meal.
  • when pioneers came to America at first they did not have time to build a house so they put up a shelter until they had time.
  • On the trail they when they slept they had to sleep some where the baby or young children slept in the wagon. The adults slept in a tents. Some kids slept under the wagon.

I think the pioneers cloths were different from ours because we can go and by them from a store when pioneers had to make there cloths.

    • The pioneer women toke responsibility for making the cloths for the family when they wore out.

  • most pioneers for 2 years wore the cloths they brought with them on till they wore out.

    children and other people help to clear the land and find logs