Home Sweet Home

We have best food in town

Our restuarant sells the best food in town .

Home Sweet Home wil be open to the people we promise you good quality food . We will be selling all types of foods like fried chicken , gumbo , fried liver , cornbread , biscuits , shrimp fried rice , fried steak , mash potatoes . For the drinks we will be serving strawberry lemonade , root-beer , sprite , coke , Dr.Pepper , and crush . Our specialty  which will be desert we will be offering sweet potatoe pie , peach cobbler , brownies , and pecan pie , also what we like to call it the cookie fountain which has a big chocolate chip cookie at the bottom with scoops of vanilla ice cream which has fudge running down like a rainfall !

Our amazing foods .

Open Hours Mon-Fri7am-10pm