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Educator Effectiveness

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Hello Treasure Hunters,

Educator Effectiveness is a state requirement for evaluation of teachers and principals in Wisconsin. This year, we will use the evaluation tool for continued growth and development in our profession and to meet the needs of our 2020-2021 reopening plan.

Please read the information below for your expectations this year. Many of you have started this process as a school or as teams. It is important to note that you will be on the same evaluation cycle for the 2021-2022. This year is an opportunity to continue to grow and build your documentation log.

Should you have any questions, please let your building principal know. Thank you for your commitment to the development and growth of the teaching profession. Bravo!

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Informal Evaluation “Look for’s:

  • Can students articulate what the target standard or outcome is for that class period?

  • Can students tell us what the expected behaviors are for in-person and/or eLearners?

  • Can students tell us where they are within the learning of the target?

  • Is there evidence of formative assessment?

  • Have students been provided with feedback about their learning?

  • Is there evidence of multiple opportunities to show proficiency?

  • How do we respond to evidence that students have not learned?

  • Do students know how to ask for support from multiple sources (teacher, online, peers, tutors, para, etc.).

  • Use of accommodations and modifications for diverse learning needs.

  • Have students been provided various avenues of instruction/choices?

  • Do students know the next steps once they demonstrate mastery?
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Treasure Hunter Universal Truths

1. WE BELIEVE – Children succeed when they are surrounded by adults who believe they can succeed. No Exceptions.

2. WE CONNECT – Children succeed when they have meaningful and sustainable relationships with caring adults.

3. WE TIME TRAVEL – Children succeed when they can articulate their future in four domains rather than one, (which is generally Education & Career): Home & Family, Education & Career, Community & Service, and Hobbies & Recreation

We are TR!

We are in this together.

We are TR!


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