UNRULY WOMEN SHOW with Donnah Pearl Okumu

Unruly Women Show

Unruly women are women who have beaten contemporary or traditional odds to soar in various fields. These are women who have fought the norms of who and how women should be like in society. They have said no to being put down, they have said no to unjust traditions and they have said no gender stereotypes. They stand the test of time by being non conformists. They have depicted the struggles of women in the rise to leadership and women empowerment in various circles. They are in all sectors: environment, journalism, sports, disability, education, art, public service and professionals, politics, business and micro-finance, peace building etc.

Unruly women show galvanized a mass movement to stop women violence and injustices on women through the voices of the invited guests. This is the platform that brings the grass-root women and the global women to share and encourage the others. The time is now to rise up


Eunice Owino is the host of UNRULY WOMAN SHOW. Eunice of voice of our future is the co-founder of Society Against Negative Exclusion-Kenya (SANE-KENYA). She endeavors to promote inclusion of all in the areas of governance, economic participation and other forms of human relations among people of different social, religious, political and gender, through advocacy, human rights sensitization and performance of activities that unveil the beauty of our diversity


Monday, March 17th, 9pm

This is an online event.

Unruly Women Show Hosting Donnah Pearl Okumu

Donnah Pearl Okumu

Donnah is a graduate of Baraton University Kenya, holding 2 degree in languages and development studies and currently pursuing Masters of philosophy in Development Studies at Moi University Kenya

She has been a development practitioner for over seven years and counting. Currently she is an administrator at Baraton University in charge of development and Alumni affairs. Previously she was working as an Ngo program director at Pamoja Child Foundation.

Donnah live on a mantra that’s dares her to be her and that’s what she has impacted on the young girls and women, through capacity building initiates and mentorship programs, she is equally a friendly party to the LGBTI society and voice concerns on their rights with interest to access to health services.