The Dynamic Brain

Harness student potential through brain-friendly strategies

Join us for the fun! Learning @ Lovejoy

Monday, Aug. 1st, 12pm

2350 Estates Parkway

Lucas, TX

This session will offer valuable insight into how the brain grows and learns from pre-k through high school. Participants will discover and create practical brain-friendly strategies for immediate use in their own classrooms. Join us and find out how you practice applied neuroscience in your class every day!

About Mrs. Dahl

Diane Dahl has a Masters of Science degree in Brain-Based Teaching and Learning through BrainSMART. She has taught for nine years in Oklahoma and Texas. Eight of those years were spent as a second-grade teacher, and this past year as a 3rd and 4th-grade GATE ELAR/IS teacher in Lovejoy ISD.

Her success at applying brain-based strategies has been recorded in several educational books, including:

  • · Thinking for Results: Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement by as Much as 30 Percent, 2011
  • · BrainSMART 60 Strategies for Increasing Student Learning, 2011
  • · Five Big Ideas for Effective Teaching: Connecting Mind, Brain, and Education Research to Classroom Practice, 2013
  • · Smarter Teacher Leadership: Neuroscience and the Power of Purposeful Collaboration, 2015

Mrs. Dahl has participated in several published research studies, is an educational blogger, and is listed as one of the top 50 educators on Twitter.