Robert L. Crippen "Friday" Bulletin


Happy New Year!

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusisasm." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let's have a learning year ever at Crippen Elementary in 2016.

Mortar Word / Math Maker / College Word / Character Trait

Mortar Word--most likely

At what temperature did the water outside the school building most likely begin to change to ice? 5th Grade Science 2014

What change is the student most likely observing in this model? 5th Grade Science 2014

Which of these is most likely Step 3 in the student’s experiment 5th Grade Science 2014

Math Maker--10-6=4

College Word--Major

Character Trait--Perseverance

Upcoming Events over TWO WEEKS

  1. Learning Walks Week of 1/11-1/15--Shiflet
  2. Digital Citzenship Lessons
  3. Monday, 1/11--4th Grade Writing Mock STAAR Test-let's cheer them on as the exit the cafeteria from Blast Off. Do NOT walk down the 4th grade hallway this day as they are testing. We also will have RTI and Special Ed testing; so no Special Ed classes.
  4. Tuesday, 1/12--Team Tuesday for 4th/5th Grade
  5. Wednesday, 1/13--Non Dual Language Literacy Meetings for December/January during your conference in Ms. Mayes's Office. Please fill out your Google Sheet and have your grades available to discuss students. This is how we track growth.
  6. Thursday, 1/14--4th Grade Expository Writing Swap at PHS from 11:30-1:30--Go Crippen! We hope you have lots of 5's and higher. We have the BEST 4th ELAR team. You can do it! We believe in you!!!
  7. Thursday, 1/14--Semester Awards for 4th, 5th, and 3rd--PROFESSIONAL DRESS required for these grade levels. All other grade levels can wear Jeans. See Crippen Calendar for Times.
  8. Friday, 1/25--Semester Awards for PK, K, 1, and 2--PROFESSIONAL DRESS required for these grade levels. All other grade levels can wear Jeans. See Crippen Calendar for Times.
  9. Learning Walks Week of 1/18-1/22--Esparza
  10. Monday, 1/8--Staff Development Day/Student Holiday--Arrive at 8 AM if you didn't get the email to attend SIOP at the Annex at 8:30 AM. Jeans are fine.
  11. Tuesday, 1/19--1st through 5th Field Trip to Porter High School "The Music Man"--all teachers will attend with their classes with Ms. Bonsal. Kinder and 3rd grade are switching lunches because we won't be back until 10:30ish. Limited seating...only fit 600 people...we have 605 going.
  12. Tuesday, 1/19--Infinity Coaching 2:30 and Team Tuesday for 2nd/3rd Grade
  13. Wednesday, 1/20--4th and 5th Grade JM Literacy Independent Reading and STAAR Testing as a Genre training in Conference Room all day--full day subs
  14. Thursday, 1/21--Review Math CBA #2 Results/Plans for Intervention Grades 3-4 with Stacey Cain--We will secure subs to rotate to your classes where you can meet with her in the conference room four about 3 hours to look at strengths and weaknesses. Please do NOT add subs into AESOP. 4th Grade 7:15-11:15 3rd Grade 11:55-3:15
  15. Thursday, 1/21 Dual Language Meeting 3:15-4:15 in Mayra Andrade's Room
  16. Friday, 1/22--Kindergarten Planning Day


  • Wanted--We need classes to do their College Roll Call during Blast Off. Are you interested???? Email Mr. Gentry
  • LEARNING WALKS EMPHASIS--What, Why, Wait Time, Randomizer, and Questioning
  • DRA Due February 5th for all K-2 in DRA/EDL
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Special Ed Prinicpal's Meeting and Technology Hour on 1/12 from 10 AM-1 PM
  • Administrator Meeting on 1/14 at 10:30 AM
  • Elementary Principal Instructional Meeting 1/22 8:30-Noon


All Crippen Astronauts will display stellar citizenship and perform at or above grade level in every subject.