Danny Elfman



He was born in Los Angeles in May 29, 1953. He spent most of his time in the movie theater, then dropped out of high school to become a Le Grande Magic Circus actor, a music type group. The influence of music came around the world. He traveled to Africa with his violin to see musical styles. His brother Richard was making a band and Danny joined. After a while Richard left and started film making. Richard made the movie Forbidden Zone and Danny was an actor in it. He was in the band Omingo Boingo from 1976 to 1995. He worked as a composer later creating The Simpsons main title theme and Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film theme. Danny has almost done all of Tim Burton's movies with Batman. They work well together.

Starting his career

Started has an actor for Forbidden Zone with his brother, the director.

Top Films/ Shows

The Night Before Christmas


Batman Returns

Pee-wee's Big Adventures

Big Fish


1 Annie Award

24 BMI Film & Television Awards

1 Emmy Award

1 Grammy Award

1 Satellite Award

5 Saturn Awards

1 Sierra Award

Charateristics of Soundtrack music

Becomes popular

Sticks in your head

Makes you think of the movie when it is heard


S- strings, percussion, brass, woodwind

H-percusion, woodwind

M-strings, woodwinds

R-slow-fast-slow-fast, 4


2 themes


Batman (1989)

Plot: Batman deals with the rising criminal character the Joker.

Characters: Batman, Joker, Viki the mayor, police officer, and Batman's butler.

Setting: At night on a catherdal and in the factory.

Batman Theme 1989 (720p HQ Telarc)


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