Resources for a Flipped Classroom

Teaching with Technology

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To flip or not to flip?

The flipped classroom is a method of instruction in which the typical lecture/content sharing occurs outside of the classroom and the application of learning occurs during class, allowing the students to collaborate. In the flipped classroom, the teacher serves as a facilitator or coach, rather than the source of information. The flipped classroom encompasses many formats and resources, whether it be a recorded lecture, an online video or tutorial, and even online quizzes or discussions.


I love Zaption! Create an interactive video by adding quick checks for understanding throughout. After creating a Zaption, you can share the link with students to view on their own or use presentation mode to share with the whole class. In presentation mode, the video is presented to the whole class and students respond on their personal devices. Presentation mode also allows students to submit a question to the teacher or the teacher to add in a quick question on the spot - thumbs up/thumbs down or an open-ended question. Be sure to ask Dr. Banks how he uses Zaption in his classroom!

VideoNotes is a really cool way to take time-stamped notes while viewing a youtube video. If you need to review a particular part of the video, click on the note and it will play that video segment. VideoNotes syncs with Google Drive and allows students to share notes and collaborate. The teacher could also join the conversation and pose questions.


Create digital lessons in minutes! Blendspace is a great way to organize multiple activities in one webpage. Link videos, upload handouts, add quizzes, or link to quizzes on Google - all in one place. Blendspace is not only great for flipping your classroom, but also for differentiating instruction.
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