A Rebel Without A Cause~JIM

Nora Keip

Jim's traits

One trait i think Jim has is bravery. I think Jim is brave because he doesn't back away from things that might scare him. He wants to prove to people that he is strong, and he believes in himself. Another trait i think Jim has is that he is honest. Jim is honest because when Buzz and Jim raced buzz went off the cliff and Jim wanted to go to the police and tell them what had happened.

Challenges Jim faces

Jim faces some challenges that have to deal with his family. His parents seem to constantly be fighting. They never get along so this makes it hard for them to do family things and for the whole family to get along. Another thing that is a challenge for Jim is that his father doesn't know how to stand up to Jim's mother. This makes Jim constantly get in trouble because his father always sides with his mother.

Did Jim change?

I believe that Jim did change through the story. I think going through all the struggles and challenges that he had to face made him change. The main way i think Jim changed is wanting family in his life and becoming a man. His family fights a lot and his parents never get along. The father always tends to side with the mother and not listen to his son Jim. I think Jim wants his parents to understand him and listen to him. I also think that Jim is growing as a man and tries to do the right thing. Such as wanting to call the cops when Buzz went off the cliff.

The mansion scene

The mansion scene plays a big roll in this story because i think it really showed who Jim really is as a person. I think that Jim really does care about others and tries to do the right thing. Such as when he is with Judy telling each other how they really feel towards each other. Another part where i think it shows who Jim is, is when he tries to help Plato fight off the bad guys. Jim wants just everything to be okay and he always tries to do the right thing.


The theme of the story could be many things. To me the theme is trying to make people see that families in the 1950's were not as good as people thought they would be. People were not together and did not get along. For example the fighting between the parents and also the father and mother not believing Jim and the things he thought were the right things to do. They always just put him down an made him feel like an outcast of the family.

Would you go to the police? why?

In the story Jim raced cars with Buzz and this resulted in a bad ending. Buzz went over the cliff and died. Jim felt like he needed to tell the police what had happened. Jim went home to tell his parents what had happened and that he wanted to go to the police and explain what had happened. Jim's parents did not want him to go to the police so Jim did not know what to do. I think if i was in the position i would probably not go to the police because going to the police would get yourself in more trouble, and because Jim's parents said not to. So if it were me i would not go to the police because i wouldn't want to get in more trouble.