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Exchange with Youth For Understanding

Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to meet people from several different places around the globe? Maybe learn a new language? Or just explore a new culture or style of living? If you answered yes on any of the questions exchange i something for you!
YFU (Youth for Understanding) was formed in 1951 after the second world war, when Rachel Andresen started sending students from Germany to Michigan, for them to get a education there.
The organization has grown since and today YFU is one of the largest and most respected exchange organizations in the world that sends over 4500 students worldwide.

Youth for understanding only wants the best for its students and because its an organization based on volunteer work, you know that we only want the best for you!

Host a YFU Exchange Student

Become a host family!

If you don't want to travel the world, but still want to explore and learn about a new culture, you can do what thousands of families chooses to do every year - be a host family!

By being a host family you can bring new cultures in to your home every year, and as well as learning about your host son/daughters home country you can also teach them about your own!

Do you want to learn about a new culture, meet new people, be a part of an amazing society and build relationships worldwide without leaving your home country? Then you should become a host family!

Learn more about YFU

Learn more, become a host family or even apply to our exchange program!

Are you tempted?

The deadline for applying isn't before the end of March so talk to your parents, save up some money, start your application and get prepared for an awesome year with travelling, YFU-meetups, new people, a new culture, learning and a lot of fun. We guarantee you all of this both when travelling on exchange, volunteering and when hosting an exchange student!

Become a part of our international society now and apply in the form above!

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