The bully

by Paul Langan

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From Philadelphia to California, Darrell Mercer was the new kid. Darrell was a nice kid and cared about his family. But when a big, bad, bully comes along what will he do? Will he fight back or will he just keep running? Find out in The Bully.

Character Analysis

Throughout the story Darrell grows stronger with confidence. Tyray is still bullying him and soon starts to take Darrell's moms money. Darrell soon joins wrestling and kicks butt! But it still doesn't help Darrell. Towards the end of the story Darrell fights back. Tyray is surprised and was not prepared,and he ends up with a broken arm.


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Paul Langan

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia in 1972. He has been author or coauthor of 5 of 10 books The Bully, Summer of Secrets, The Gun, Brothers in Arms, and Blood is Thicker. Paul Langan recently completed a master's degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania. He now one day hopes that he will see a champion Philly sports team.
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book comparision

I picked this book because it's all about how Rafe goes to camp and he's ready to have fun when this bully comes along. He figures out when a kid needs a friend. Rafe meets the kid and finds out he's not so bad.....
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