BY:Aydan Z


Give me an L , give me an A , give me an N , give me a C , give me an E , give me an R , give me an S. What does that spell LANCERS,What does that spell LANCERS! In this article you will learn lots of fun,interesting things about cheerleading.


Cheerleaders yell lots of fun ,crazy cheers. Cheerleaders dance ,yell ,and sing while they’re having fun tearing things apart , and well cheering. They also support their football , basketball , and baseball teams with funky chants and cheers.


Did you know that cheerleaders use lots of equipment for many uses ? Cheerleaders wear outfits so people know they have spirit. They usually have their school’s symbol on their shirt to show what fast , athletic team they are cheering for. Cheerleaders also use megaphones to make their cheers and voices louder , they also use pom pom’s to spice up their short chants ,or cheers.


Cheerleaders have to train to know what they are doing. Cheerleaders exercise so they can be flexible in order to do stunts. Cheerleaders practice very hard almost every single day so they can be they can be. Practice makes perfect! Cheerleaders need coaches for training so they don’t get hurt , even if they’re the best!
As you can see cheerleading has cheers,equipment , and lots of hard but fun training. I hope i can cheer again this year!