Jane Ball Happenings

April 11 -April 15

Shout Outs

Tammie and Lynn for putting together the convocations for next week. More details to follow.

Lori for dealing with crazy day on Thursday with Spring Pictures and the paper order!!!

ISTEP update

The practice test have to take place at the beginning of this week. We will begin regular ISTEP testing on Tuesday April 19th. We will be doing convocations on April 18th led by Grade 3. More details to follow. Grades 4 and 5 will do a convocation on April 25th. Lynn is asking that anyone interested in helping meet on Thursday and Friday April 21 and 22 at 8:00. We can do the pledge and moment of silence at the convocation. We will do ALL announcements at the end of the day.

Thank you all for your flexibility!

Field Trips

Please remember to communicate with special teachers/ special ed/ title etc when you are going on field trips.


Kindergarten Roundup

We will be conducting Kindergarten Roundup on Thursday and Friday of this week. If you have library on these two days Vicki will be in contact with you on rescheduling your library time. Thank you for your flexibility!

Supervision and procedures.

Just a friendly reminder to be visible and pick up students on time. I realize this gets to be a busy time but please be mindful of picking up your students on time as I am seeing some folks late picking up from recess/ specials and lunch. Also please remember that you need to help with supervision at the end of the day.

Also please reinforce procedures especially this time of year and with testing starting. Please remember to front load students on expectations.

What's Happening


8:00 Personal PD Grades K-2

ALL staff administering ISTEP meeting in Library

ALL week ISTEP Practice Tests


ISTEP Practice Tests

8:00 Team Meetings

3:15 First Responders Meeting at Admin

3:30 Science Seekers

6:30 Board Meeting at High School Circle the State students will be recognized


8:00 Climate

3:30 PTO meeting


NO meetings Kindergarten Roundup- Personal PD day

Grades 3-5 Data discussion with Star trainer during PREPs


8:00 Grades 3-5 Final ISTEP meeting in Library

Kindergarten Roundup DAY 2.

Grades 1-2 with Marcie in Marcie's room.

PGPs and Personal Prep

I am working on loading in the PGP's for this years PD and meetings. I hope to have this done by the end of the week. Please make sure to get your point for personal PD, I need to have an artifact on the following:

What your PD was

What did you study to improve or learn more about it? This can include video's readings, conferences etc.

Evidence that you have been implementing this into your classroom, this can include student samples, reflections, sample lesson plans. Please do not just send me worksheets or hand outs. I need to know how you implemented and what you have learned.