Dear, Hair Care

Advice for you and your hair


Our names are May and Abbie. We are 14 and live in Fort Worth, TX. It is hot, humid, and windy here. My hair is natural greasy and both of our hair's are dry. What can we do yo make our hair healthy? Dry in F.W., TX!

-May and abbie

Dear May and Abbie,

Your hair is probably dry because of the products you've been using. You should use other products and brush your hair from your tips first.

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Our names are Lizette and Hannah and we live in Fort Worth Tx.


My name is Sophia and i am 13 years old. I have really greasy hair. What can i do to not have it anymore?


Dear Sophia,

You should start using products without oil. The type of shampoo you use can also be affective start using products that say "for natural hair"