The Underground Railroad

Hurry, Hurry, Hear All About It! Freedom to the North!

Route to Freedom

We must head from Georgia to the North. Look at some of the Underground Railroad Routes.

Goals to Freedom

When you are free, you can get a job. You don't have to work as a slave anymore. You don't have to work in the fields or in the Big house and be threatened by the Master.

Important People who have used the Underground Railroad

Quilt Symbols

What are Quilt Symbols?

Slaves who escaped used secret messages in the form of quilt patterns to escape captivity. Slaves can't read or write and it was illegal to learn. These quilt codes are connected to the route to freedom using the Underground Railroad.

Things to Avoid and Consequences

Things to Avoid

Keep your mouth closed. Tell no one of your plan. Leave at night and travel light.


You must follow the quilt codes very closely. If not, you run the risk of being captured. The consequences of this could be a harsh beating or even be killed. You really need to be careful!