December 14, 2015

Quote of the week

NEA's Lily Eskelsen García on What Teachers Do

SIP Focus - "Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail"

Whether we are planning for differentiation, higher DOK levels, or incorporating writing strategies, focusing on our SIP begins at the same place....


What are you doing in collaborative planning as well as your individual planning to incorporate a focus on our SIP goals?

Are you attending collaborative planning regularly?

Are you contributing to collaborative planning?

Are you intentionally planning for your students using your collaborative plan to develop a lesson plan for each day?

If you aren't, you, and your students are missing out!

When we come back from break, be ready to focus on collaborative planning and making an effort like you have never before to provide student with the BEST opportunities to learn each day. It all starts with a plan!

You've got this!

Christmas Memories


Staff Climate Survey for EPMS

Have you completed the climate survey for staff yet? We need at least 75% of our teachers to complete the survey, but 100% would be ideal! WHAT SAY YOU?!


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12/14/15 - Grade Posting Window Opens

12/15/15 - Band Concert/PTSA Meeting @ EPMS - 6:45pm

12/17/15 - Up-to-You Dinner

12/18/15 - Faculty Breakfast provided by Connections - 7:45am

12/18/15 - Reindeer Games (we will operate on a 2 hour early release schedule)

12/18/15 - Christmas/Holiday Break

1/4/16 - Longhorn's Breakfast in Hiram - 8am

1/4/16 - Grades Due by Noon

1/4/16 - Teacher Workday

Happy Birthday to You!!....a little early for some since we won't be here for your day!

12/14/15 - Jennifer Brewer

12/21/15 - Reba Maner

12/23/15 - Chelsea Wood

My Birthday Comes On Christmas - Spike Jones

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