Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

By: Sofia L. Tb: 4 PTSD

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

*A set of symptoms developed after a harmful, terrifying, or upsetting experience

Events that can cause PTSD:


*Serious car accidents

*Natural disasters

*Personal assaults


*Terrorist attacks

*Military combat

Signs & Symptoms

*Nightmares & flashbacks

*Avoid talking about the event

*Emotional numbness



Nickname: PTSD

How does PTSD affect someone?

*Hypervigilant: jumpy, jittery, tense

*Avoiding everyday things - stores, objects, etc.

*Feeling detached from the world

How is PTSD diagnosed?

*Visiting a mental health professional

*Visiting a medical doctor

*Visiting a psychiatrist

How is PTSD treated?

*Meeting with a therapist

*Gradually talking about the event

*Relaxation techniques

*Group therapy & support groups

*Medication controlling anxiety, panic & depression

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Many first responders to the 911 attacks suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.