Typical Tundra

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A quiet day in the Tundra

It's a common day in the freezing Tundra with barely any animals out in the day. Most of the animals are dying because people are hunting them and because of hunger. Many plants don't grow because of the cold weather and in the winter there is barely any sun for them to grow.


Our biome is located in northern Canada and in in part of Antarctica. Also it is located in northern Asia. It also circles the perimeter of Greenland.
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All About The Tundra

Plant life - There are a lot more plants in the Tundra then some people would imagine , like how there is a lot of moss , lichen , flowers and much more. All the plants that live in the Tundra have learned to adapt to the tundra in some way like how they have lived there there whole lives.

Animals - There are a lot of animals in the tundra like polar bears, snowy owls, arctic fox, and arctic hares. Most animals have thick white fur to blend into the snow.

Features - There are a lot of features in the tundra like snowy mountains and permafrost hills and much more. All features in the tundra are natural features

Weather - In the arctic tundra there are two seasons: summer and winter and in the summer the sun almost never sets however the sun only warms up the tundra to a range of about 3c to 12c. the tundra can heat up to 32-50 degrees.

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Tundra Biome H

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