A Element in the Lanthanide Series

Lanthanide Series

Typically the oxides of the trivalent lanthanides coexist in nature.

It is most likely to be found in materials that we use because a lot of times it is used to make colored glasses. And its a rare earth element

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3 Interesting Facts

1.Holmium is used as a magnetic flux conductor to make the strongest artificially- generated magnetic fields.

2.Holmium metal reacts with all the halogens to form holmium(III) halides. So, it reacts with fluorine, F2, chlorine, Cl2, bromine, I2, and iodine, I2, to form respectively holmium(III) bromide, HoF3, holmium(III) chloride, HoCl3, holmium(III) bromide, HoBr3, and holmium(III) iodide, HoI3.

3.Word origin: Holmium is derived from the Latin word Holmia, meaning Stockholm.

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