By: Ryan McKellar

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YouTube has a feature where you can upload your own video's as well as view others. This helps for people that make videos about things in their life, and that want to follow what happens in other peoples lives.


YouTube allows you to search a wide variety of videos, everything from how to videos to explanation videos. They also have a feature that allows you to follow certain types of videos and will allow you to search similar videos.

Suggested content

YouTube has a feature that will track what you are watching, and will give you suggestions on what else may interest you. This comes in handy when doing research or listening to music. It helps you find things that you may like, that you didn't even know you would like.


One of the benefits of using YouTube is that you have a wide variety of how to and do it your self videos at your fingertips. This allows you to learn something knew without having to pay someone to help you. Another benefit of using YouTube is becoming open to others ideas. As you watch more videos, people will place their own opinions into their videos, and you will be exposed to how others view a situation. The third benefit of using YouTube is your ability to share almost anything with almost anybody within seconds.