Child Care Standards

Child care provided by a caregiver in the child's home.

Advantages of this Type of Child Care

  • The baby/child stays in familiar surroundings
  • Child doesn't need to compete for attention from caregiver
  • Exposed to fewer germs, resulting in being sick less often
  • Can nap and eat on their own schedule


  • Parent would have to scramble to find another nanny or caregiver if they leave, or "call in"
  • Home doesn't put your child in contact with other children as a preschool or daycare would
  • Is the most expensive type of childcare
  • Restricted to the activities they can do

Services Provided in this Childcare

Licensing Standards?

There aren't any licensing standards because caregiver goes to the child's home. Some certifications that caregiver can get is CPR, and First Aid training.

Family Best Served..

The family best served by this type of childcare would be families that have parents that work during the day with kids who don't go to school yet.