Tech. Tid Byte

March 12, 2015

A Message from Dr. Melissa Williams

Time to UNPLUG…yes, the one in charge of technology for the district said it, UNPLUG from technology and plug into life. Spring Break is upon us and when we return things will be moving fast; TELPAS, STAAR (and all its iterations), EOC, CBAs and planning for next year. Friday is Digital Learning Day across America, and we hope you use some of the ideas below in your classrooms. Our students will love it. So…THANK YOU for all you do each and every day for students, take some time to UNPLUG from the digital world and enjoy the real world around you during Spring Break. We will plug you back in on Monday the 23rd, we promise.

Make Google Your Default Search Engine Today

Do you ever type into the address bar and end up with a bunch of links instead of our district's homepage? Set Google as your default search provider for better search results, too. Here's how!
DISD Google as Search Engine

Digital Learning Day is March 13th

We have more to celebrate this Friday than the start of Spring Break. It's Digital Learning Day. Nationally, educators celebrate more than technology. They celebrate learning and the role technology plays. These sources offer ideas to celebrate in your classroom.

Energy Shutdown Tips from Technology

  • Power Cords plugged directly into a power source in the wall

DO NOT UNPLUG (click on the links for pictures, if you are not sure)

Don't forget to plug these back in when you get back from your break!

A Note About Videos

As testing is upon us, don't forget about video sites like BrainPOP and Discovery Education. Always have a back up plan to Youtube. Instead of just searching these sites, try a Standards Search. The below videos illustrate this simple process.

If you absolutely must have a video off of YouTube and have planned ahead, contact Caroline Lightfoot for other ways to access content in advance. Please note that it is not possible to accommodate last minute requests. A week's notice is generally a safe window.

DISD Brain POP Standards Search
DISD Discovery Education Standards Search

From the Help Desk: On Windows Updates

Microsoft regularly sends out updates to Windows. If your machine is running slow or programs do not seem to be functioning properly, try updating your computer.