Christmas/Holiday Traditions

Not Much Different Than Us!

Fact 1:Bolivia celebrates Christmas (Navidad) in many similar ways that we do. One thing they do is set up a, "Nativity scene." It consists of a stable, animals, baby Jesus and other traditionally known characters, ranging in all kinds of sizes.

Fact 2: Another tradition known as, "canastón," is when employers give their employees a gift basket that has simple foods in them, including, bread, mustard, bacon, sauces, crackers, cheese, meats and much more small portioned items.

Fact 3: Since we're talking about employers, another tradition (but also required by law) is to give employees an annual raise, which would basically count as a, "Thank you," from boss to worker. This may be the only time employees receive a raise despite their work efforts.

Fact 4: On Christmas Eve at midnight, fireworks are ignited all throughout the air. The sell and distribution of private fireworks is not illegal in Bolivia like it is in the U.S so it's safe to say many many people are shooting off fireworks just out of their front door!

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