turfgrass management

Head Superintendents

Turf grass management has many different challenges in this job field. You need to have the skill, knowledge, and eye for detail to preform well in this field. With this degree you can work at a golf course, baseball field, or a football field. These among the most popular. The degree you will need is plant science degree with a focus in trufgrass management.

Baseball head superintendent

For a head superintendent over a baseball field your duties will be as followed on game day

1 mow in your outfield strips and infield strips

2 make sure game mound and bullpens are re-packed and ready to go

3 make sure batter boxes are re-pack and batters box are painted

4 paint foul line

Those are just some of your basic game day duties you will need to do.

Football superintendent

Some of the duties for a football field would be

1 Paint all yard lines, numbers, and logos

2 put out side line fabrics

3 mow pattern in field

Your salary will be....

As a 1st or 2nd assistant you will make between 35,000 to 45,000

As the head superintendent you will make anywhere from 50,000 to 250,000

In the state of Tennessee you will make about 70,000 or so.

Painting the Checkerboards at Neyland Stadium